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For the last 10 years I've been one of the leading advocates of the “digital economy” worldwide and I've got a big hairy audacious goal of helping more people and businesses scale-up using the techniques I teach. And I really want to see you join the ranks of my successful students!


81 Secrets You Will Discover In This Free Book

  • Step-by-step playbook I followed to go from a Burger King™ bus boy to one of the world’s most respected affiliate marketers
  • Where all the good buyers are hiding… the one place you’d never look
  • How to build a scalable online business from anywhere in the world… even if you’ve got no product idea or previous marketing experience
  • Why it took me 42 months to get my first commission check. I learned every strategy that doesn't work until I finally stumbled into the one that does. It’s yours inside...
  • How I had 6 Facebook ads accounts shut down in spite of checking every box with compliance… and how I ditched Facebook for good in favor of a better, faster, cheaper and higher-converting traffic source
  • Why free traffic is never free. What I learned after trying every so-called free traffic technique
  • How to build a tribe of like minded people who will not only be great customers, paying you thousands of dollars for being you, but will also become great friends you’ll be able to visit all around the globe
  • How I spent thousands of dollars building a dead 1,000 person email list in 8 months. I almost cried when I deleted these subscribers. I wish I’ve done these 3 things differently…
  • Discover the highest-paid skill of the 21st century. Best part - no college degree required to start earning + start part-time without spending a ton of money
  • Does your partner work too hard and gets paid too little? Here’s a simple way to start a family business and retire them for good
  • Job security is a myth. Eventually you’ll either get downsized, fired or replaced with a cheaper workforce or A.I. When you get the axe, you’d still need to pay the bills. If you’re not prepared for a rainy day, this is the fastest way I know to build a side income that doesn’t require a lot of time, huge investments, a license or an expensive degree
  • Why your list isn’t responding to you. If you aren’t getting the opens, clicks and sales you want from your email list, this is what you need to do to bring it back to life
  • How I email my list 3 times a day and get away with it… plus, how it’s making my list hyper-responsive to frequent offers
  • Do you ever feel you’re depriving your kids from things and experiences they deserve? This year my 7 year old daughter went up the Eiffel Tower, drove a tank, crushed a car with a Caterpillar™ Dozer, sat behind the wheel of a Ferrari, attended 5 Cirque Du Soleil shows and that’s just during one of many trips we took this year. Here’s how to give your kids what you feel they deserve to have…
  • How to create a personal economy where you call the shots… no matter the economy in your physical environment
  • What is list building and why it’s the most important thing you can ever do for your online business
  • Why 500 email subscribers are more valuable than 5,000 Facebook friends to your online business
  • See why you will never need to compromise your core values to build a 6-figure business. I call this strategy “good karma marketing” and it requires zero sleazy selling or hype.
  • How I went from being a social reject to being invited to every party in town, because people were fascinated with my “magical” ability to build internet income streams… and how there’s nothing magical about it, just a series of specific steps anyone can follow just like I did.
  • How I run affiliate campaigns. This 3-step framework made me one of the most sought-after super-affiliates in the marketing space
  • Traffic strategy that kept my fiance from walking away from me. If it wasn’t for this, my kid would have never been born.
  • I don’t use Facebook ads and I don’t build social media fan pages. Here’s where I get my traffic and how it’s converting so much better than Facebook
  • I hate commuting to the office. How I built my entire business remotely. No office. No commute.
  • How I lost $200 on an ad… and how I turned this loss into a life-altering breakthrough. Discover the amazing story of how I went from losing money on ads to seeing 30%, 50%, 70% and even 120% return within weeks… and how I scaled to multiple 6-figures in less than 6 months just repeating this routine daily!
  • How I embarrassed my mother in law who tried talking my wife out of marrying me by making so much money in one year I was able to pay her $32,000 dental bill in cash! Take that, mama!
  • Considering starting a blog? Discover the painful lessons I learned after 8 months of daily blogging
  • You’ve probably heard that the shortest path to success is to find someone who’s doing what you want to do and copy what they are doing. But what if you’ve been deliberately led to copy from the people who are doing it wrong so they can make money selling you advice?
  • How to get people to like you and trust you and buy from your website or affiliate link
  • I wouldn’t be working from home, if it wasn’t for this one strategy I talk about in chapter 5
  • How I raised hundreds of people from failure to success in online marketing by teaching them this one traffic strategy
  • Why you shouldn’t listen to social media influencers when it comes to building your side-hustle
  • The one thing all internet marketing superstars do religiously. You need to do this too to build a profitable online business
  • Whether you like it or not, you’re not going to get rich working a job. Welcome to the new economy where college dropouts outearn doctors and lawyers. Good news you didn’t miss the boat yet. Here’s how to join the new rich in the digital economy
  • What’s the point in making a lot if you’re hustling harder than ever before just to keep it from falling apart? Here’s how to build a scalable automated online business that takes 10 hours a week to manage
  • The one thing that made me a welcome guest at nearly every internet marketing mastermind… No joke, I’m often cornered at the urinal by people insisting to hire me to help scale their businesses
  • Discover the new traffic source that saved me from divorce! I almost lost my marriage because I was spending more time with my computer trying to get traffic than I ever did with my wife. When she threatened to dump me, I had to rethink my traffic strategy…
  • How to get lots of buyer traffic (prospects with desire and resources to buy products)
  • How to go on vacation when you want and not when your boss wants you to go
  • How to build a “10-hour work week” side hustle to fund your passion project or hobby
  • Are you prepared for retirement or are you coming to realize you’ll need to work until you die? Here’s how to build an automated online business to support a comfortable retirement
  • How to convert more clicks into hot leads on your email list
  • How I cherry pick winning products to promote (that other people service and fulfill) giving my the lion’s share of the profits
  • Amazing story of how I built an 8-figure business out of 3-bedroom apartment in a hick town in Israel during the worst job crisis the county has ever seen
  • How to grow your income while growing your personal freedom
  • How I turned my annual income into my monthly income by building an email list
  • The 2-step system I used to break the link between my time and my income
  • Why email isn’t dead… And how it’s the best way to market stuff on the internet
  • There’s no excuse to be broke anymore! The internet leveled the playing field. Average joes like you and me, are making just as much impact as the so-called gurus. Here’s how they do it…
  • Building my first email list, I did everything I was told and ended up with a dead list that didn’t buy from me. I trashed that list, changed 3 things and started from scratch. This new list made me a cash millionaire in 12 months. Here’s exactly what I did...
  • How often should you email your list? Hint: most people don’t email often enough and it’s costing them engagement and profits!
  • How I failed miserably at network marketing… and how I stumbled into a rejection-free online business that turned out to be just what I needed
  • Incredible scientific discovery explains why Facebook followers just don’t buy… and why email subscribers are rabid buyers
  • Why you should email your list every day… in fact, doing so will not only increase your revenue but decrease your unsubscribe rates!
  • How to never be Facebook slapped or Google slapped ever again!
  • Why it’s easier to start and scale an online business today than it used to be 5 years ago… and why it’s only going to get easier in the coming 5 years!
  • What I learned after spending $5,000,000+ on paid email traffic
  • How to get other people to promote your offer to their email list… even if you’re just getting started with a small budget
  • What are email traffic marketplaces and why you should stay away from them at all costs if you’re just getting started
  • Spending more on traffic than you’re making back? Here’s the secret to breaking even with paid traffic
  • The perfect content-pitch ratio for your email list
  • Should you pitch in your emails? Yes. But how often? The answer may surprise you…
  • Why the old adage “people buy from people they like and trust” isn’t true. Here’s where most people have it completely wrong
  • How the world's top marketers are building their email lists (it’s not what they’ll share with you on YouTube tutorials or their $997 courses)
  • The one question you must answer every time you email your list to make sales
  • How to stand out in a noisy inbox. Get people hooked on your emails
  • How to grow from an email pest to a welcome guest in your customer’s inbox
  • How long should your email follow up be?
  • How to self-fund your next internet business idea
  • How to get started if you don’t have a product or marketing skills
  • Student success story: from zero to $17,000 in sales in 90 days with email marketing
  • Finally! A way to earn 6-figures that doesn’t steal you from your family. Don’t do to your kids what your parents did to you. Be emotionally and physically available for your kids while running a profitable online business
  • Mistake most people make that’s keeping them from successfully growing an online business. They don’t know what’s causing their setbacks and end up chasing shiny objects for years - when, ironically, the solution is right under their noses!
  • How I make more in one month traveling than my high school friends make in 3 years working dead end jobs
  • It’s not your fault, but you’re probably making these 3 mistakes when trying to build your list. This is why you’re struggling to convert optins into sales. Stop doing at least 2 of these things and see a conversion bump the same day.
  • What I learned from my 243-day SEO stint as an affiliate marketer… and why I quickly switched to a specific form of paid traffic source turned my business around in just a few months
  • I lost $200 on my first advertising campaign and it hurt. I swore to find a way to stop losing money on traffic. I’m giving it to you in chapter 5
  • #1 reason American get in debt they can’t recover from is hospital bills. Are you prepared to write the check if anything happens to your loved ones?
  • Why you don’t need to hire a videographer, rent a mansion, lease a Ferrari or develop world-class public speaking skills. Find out how I made my first million online without so much as showing my face on YouTube or pretending to be an influencer
  • Would you like to see your name on leaderboards? Skip to chapter 4 where I explain how nearly every super-promoter secures their spot in marketing competitions. It’s not hard, if you know what you’re doing.
  • Winners get to make choices. Losers settle for what they can get. I was once a winner wearing a loser’s mask. It came off when I built my email list, because I could now afford to choose. I didn’t have to settle anymore. The more my list grew, the more I’ve made, the more choices I’ve had. Would you like more choices in life? Then you need to build a list. Here’s how to do it…
  • Do you know what it feels like to get off the plane richer than you were when you boarded it? My student Otilia knows the feeling well, because that’s what happened to her on a recent trip to France. Here’s what she did...

Who Is Igor Kheifets?

Hi, I’m Igor. I’m a devoted husband, a stay-at-home dad and a self-proclaimed espresso connoisseur.

Having tried dozens of methods, after much trial and error, I learned that the best thing anyone can do online is to build a large responsive email list of people interested in buying a product or service. I threw everything I’ve had into mastering list building from that moment on. I haven’t struggled making sales online ever since.

I’ve put everything I know about building a large responsive email list from scratch into this book and I want you to have for free. I only ask that you chip in on shipping and handling.

"Igor possess great marketing skillsets."

- Robert Kiyosaki Best-Selling Author, "RICH DAD POOR DAD"

"I've known Igor for years, very few people understand list building at the level he does."

- Kameron George 9-Figure Earner

"Igor is one of the few guys who has stood the test of time in this industry. To me, that says a lot about the value he adds and I always feel good sending my customers and students his way to get done for you traffic and traffic training."

- David Sharpe Founder, "Legendary Marketer"

"Make money online is not an easy market to consistently make money in the way Igor does. If you want to learn from someone how to make money in the make money online space, I can't recommend Igor enough."

- Ben Settle "Email Players"

"Igor's a master at what he does. If you're looking to grow your business, no one's better than Igor to help you do that."

- Tom Beal "Success Simplifier"

"Go on the internet and try to find more than 2 testimonials from me. There's one for Matt Bacak, one for Mike Filsaime and there's one for Igor. That says it all."

- John Cornetta Co-Founder, "Groovekart"

"Igor's a super big player. He doesn't make a big song and dance about it, but trust me, if you want big numbers - talk to Igor!"

- Michael Cheney Founder, "7-Figure Franchise"

"If you get a chance to work with Igor - take it. Study what he's doing."

- Richard Legg Super-Affiliate

"Igor's one of the brightest minds in his space."

- Keala Kanae CEO, "AWOL Academy"

"I've had nothing but good experiences with Igor... every time I refer a client to him I'm confident they'll get excellent service and attention, even if they are new to email advertising... and his List Building Lifestyle show is a tremendous resource all on its own!."

- John Lavenia Author, Speaker, International Trainer, 8-Figure Eearner

"I've worked with many coaches. Igor operates on another level."

- Paulo Barroso Super-Affiliate

"I recommend all my clients and customers to work with Igor. Igor goes above and beyond for his customers."

- Dean Holland Founder, "iPro Academy"

"Igor has quickly risen to become one of the greatest list builders I've ever met. If you want to dominate in email marketing he's the perfect edition to your team."

- Matt Bacak Founder, "EPC Academy"

"Igor is a machine. He's passionate about what he does. He's relentless and obsessed with success - and not only of his own, but of everyone around him - so that means YOU!"

- Craig Ballantyne Chief Editor, "Early To Rise"

"If you're interested in building a big quality list quickly, talk to Igor. He knows more about list building than anyone I know of."

- Devon Brown Success Renegade

"Getting coaching from Igor has been one of the best decisions I've made in my life."

- James Canzanella Affiliate Marketer

"The stuff he teaches works. Implementing Igor's advice in my business has dramatically increased my bottom line. Work with Igor, he will change your life."

- James Francis 8-Figure Earner

"He's an amazing coach. He taught me how to sell. I've already recouped my investment with him and we're just getting started."

- Justin Spencer Super-Affiliate

"I've started coaching with Igor when I was down to my last dollar. I just got married and I was just trying to get some success online. Today I've already made over $200,000 since starting with Igor. Thanks to the stability that came with my own business, I finally decided to start my own family. You should work with Igor. He can change your life."

- Juan Morales 8-Figure Earner

"I've worked closely with Igor for a couple of years. What always impressed me was how much he cares about his clients and the people he works with. He knows a heck of a lot and he holds nothing back from his students."

- Ross Bowring Direct Response Copywriter, Author, "Stripped Naked Sales Letters"

"I was making $100 per day working full time on my email list before I started working with Igor. Igor taught me how to take it to $400 per day while taking 2 months off to travel around the United States with little to no internet connection."

- Ed Newman Super-Affiliate

"If it wasn't for you, Igor, I wouldn't be making money online."

- Miles Segers Super-Affiliate

"Igor's a wise head on young shoulders. Igor's a perfectionist and a professional. He has been instrumental at helping us grow our organization."

- Alby Koster 8-Figure Earner

"The biggest mistake I made was not joining your coaching a year ago."

- David Dekel Founder, FunnelX

"My company just had a record breaking month thanks to working with Igor."

- Anthony Tilley 7-Figure Earner

"I've been referring clients to Igor for years. The reason he gets you results is because he cares about your success in an industry full of scam artists."

- Kevin Hokoana Founder, "iNfinii," "DSDomination"

"Cease every opportunity to work with Igor. He's one of the top guys in list building. I made $20,000 in one week working with him."

- Ron Douglas New York Times Best-Selling Author

"If you have a chance to JV with Igor Kheifets, man I say TAKE IT! He went all out to promote and generated some of the highest EPCs on record."

- Daniel Levis Direct Response Copywriter, Founder, "Email Alchemy"

"If you want to work with someone who knows their lists... and knows what offers work best with which lists... Igor is your man. I've worked with him on several offers and he knows his stuff."

- Doberman Dan "Doberman Dan Letter"

"Igor is the real deal. One of the most knowledgeable people in the list-building field. If you have the opportunity to learn from Igor, take it!"

- Jeff Gardner Marketing Consultant

"Igor's services are world-class. I can't recommend him highly enough!"

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"I've had a successful business before meeting Igor. But I've always struggled to break through the 3-figure per day barrier. I used to charge $750 an hour. After having one coaching session with Igor, I sold my first $2750 consulting package. The next sales call I asked for a $2,000 an hour. The client paid for 4 hours upfront."

- Charlie Hutchinson Marketing Consultant

"I've worked closely with Igor for a week to promote my high ticket program. By the end of the week, Igor has generated 47 new $1,997 customers for my program and $93,859 in sales. Igor has some of the most responsive traffic in the internet marketing niche."

- Brendan Mace Super-Affiliate, Founder "Project Profit Academy"
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Ben Settle
Tom Beal
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Richard Legg
Keala Kanae
John Lavenia
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Craig Ballentyne
Devon Brown
James Canzanella
James Francis
Justin Spencer
Juan Morales
Ross Bowring
Ed Newman
Miles Segers
Alby Koster
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Peter Wolfing
Charlie Hutchinson
Brendan Mace

Why do I Want To Help You Build an Email List?

If I had to give up everything and start over, I would build an email list.

Why? Because the internet is the best place to start a business and email is the best way to market products and services on the internet. Inside this best-selling book I’m sharing the amazing story of how I built an 8-figure email business working out of coffee shops in the world's most prestigious cities. I hold nothing back as I reveal lessons I learned from my most painful failures and blueprints I created from my sweetest triumphs.

I want you to have this book for free (just chip in on S&H) to help you see and understand how to work smarter, have more freedom and do good in the world all at the same time.



If you want to build a list but you’re afraid of losing money

Probably the most common concern I hear from clients with regards to getting started with list building is being able to do it profitably, without losing tons of money. Let me show you the only right way to build an email list without starting out with venture capital. In fact, I’ll explain to you how I turned a $200 ad campaign that bombed into an email list of 4,331,656 email subscribers. Inside I’m sharing how I am building my email lists for free while using paid traffic sources. Plus, find out the high-quality traffic source I use to build my list automatically around the clock (without losing money).

If you want more freedom, more control and more satisfaction

My most successful students build lists for reasons beyond the money. Don’t get me wrong. They want to get rich just as much as the next person (I believe it is our personal right to achieve maximum prosperity for ourselves and our families), and they do very well, but they get more pleasure out of knowing they’re living life on their own terms. They control their time. They decide who they want to hang out with and why. They choose to make an impact on the world and the people around them by donating to their charities, buying nice things for their family, educating and empowering their inner circle and more. Don’t get a free copy of this book just for the money. Get it to make an impact and live the life you deserve rather than one you’ve been dealt by circumstance or your gene pool.

You would love to spend all day learning internet marketing, but you’ve got a job and a life, so you just need the "nuts and bolts"

In an ideal world, all of us marketing junkies would be spending 23 hours a day learning, strategizing, creating, masterminding and testing marketing ideas leaving an hour for bathroom breaks, snacks and really quick showers. However, let’s be realistic - we all have lives outside of marketing. You may already feel over extended with your 80 hour a week job. There’s no way you can fit in another 40 hours a week to get a masters in marketing. I wrote this book for people like you, who need the nuts and bolts of what works today. I haven’t given you all of my secrets. I’m giving you exactly enough to get you started, start seeing results and being comfortable so you can make a decision to scale down on other commitments in your life gradually as you grow your online business.

You’re fascinated with internet marketing

If you're like me and anything “internet marketing” is almost seductive to you… If you experience sheer joy from learning new techniques… if you are a student of success, prosperity and instilling belief in other people’s hearts and minds - then you will gain a ton of value from the secrets I share in the pages of List Building Lifestyle: Confessions of an Email Millionaire. Based on the feedback I’ve gotten from almost 3,000 people who purchased a copy of this book when it went on Amazon and Audible, you’re going to put this book in the category of the “books I re-read every year to hone my marketing skills” on your bookshelf.

If you tried to build a list, but failed

Many people who seek me out to help with their list building typically have a few failed attempts behind their belt. They struggled to build an email list in the past because they couldn’t afford the ongoing marketing costs or because the response they’ve been generating from their email list was low or non existent. You may have experienced similar challenges. Good news is I can show you how to build a wildly profitable email list fast starting from scratch.

You’re overwhelmed with information and struggle to action

Trying to collect information online is like drinking from a fire hydrant. You want to get started but you don’t know exactly how. Thousands of Google searches, terabytes of video downloads, tens of thousands of hours of streamed content later - you’re still confused about what you should do, what you shouldn’t do and what’s the best way to start and scale your online business. You hear everyone talk about sales funnels, copywriting, EPCs, PPC networks, email lists, affiliate links, ClickFunnels, webinars, influence, conversions, closing, social media and more but feel all of this stuff is going right over your head. You bought programs and courses in the past, but they were incomplete. You just want a simple way to get started for a non-technical person.

You feel like a failure, because others are building their lists so easily, but you can’t (although they’re not smarter than you!)

Why do they get results so easily while you can’t gain an inch in your year-long climb to the top of the mountain? My book tells you why. It shares the story of how I spent 3.5 years (that’s 42 months!) at the bottom of the mountain, trying tactics and schemes, until I finally discovered how to build my list without needing a big budget or tons of technical skills or lots of free time. It explains how I went from failure to a list building superstar nearly overnight, scaling my email list to the millions and my income to 8-figures over the next 5 years.




$19.99 value


Tell me where to ship it, cover S&H and I’ll rush you a free copy of my best-selling book to your doorstep immediately


$49.99 value


Don’t have time to read because you commute a lot? Enjoy the audio book narrated by a professional voice artist. Learn in your car, in the gym, walking your dog, doing chores around the house or in bed


$197.00 value


Get a complete over-the-shoulder walkthrough showing how to sign up and set up your email autoresponder account for maximum success in minimum time


$297.00 value


Want to know how I’m generating up to 80% optin rate using simple-to-copy capture pages? Get breakthrough secrets to setting up high-converting landing pages to build your list faster and cheaper than ever before


$397.00 value


This clever 3-step email campaign is the secret reason why I’m able to pitch my subscribers every day without annoying them.


$497.00 value


Discover how I used a new traffic source to build a 4,331,656 person email list without losing money and without becoming a slave to my online business.


$797.00 value


Email marketing is hard for people who try to write from scratch. Use these 12 swipe-and-deploy templates to write effective marketing emails for your email list in under 10 minutes. Just fill-in- the-blanks with your industry/niche/target market and hit "send!"


$997.00 value

How to promote Affiliate products to your list

Free training shows how I became 2nd highest-earning super-affiliate in the internet marketing space. Plus, how I became one of highest-converting promotional partners for Matt Bacak, Anthony Morrison, John Crestani, Ty Cohen, Dean Holland and other gurus with a tiny list of just 18,000 people

Grab Your Free Copy Of The Book Before Deadline And
Get $3,251.88 In Bonuses - Free!




Do I really get this book and all the bonuses for free? Why? What's the catch?

Yes, you really get everything for free. Just pay S&H. It is my ethical bribe to you. I’m bribing you for 3 reasons:

First, I want you to see and understand that your life can be different. Most people want to change their lives but don’t know how. What they’re missing is a clear and simple blueprint showing them how to do it. The book and the bonuses are the blueprint you need.

Secondly, even though I’ve helped people from all walks of life break the link between their time and their income, you may be someone who’s toying with the idea of starting something online but don’t know how. You’re not ready to walk away from your job and throw yourself full time into building an online business. You need to get your feet wet without wasting money or time. This book will show you how to do that.

Finally, I’m hoping to “hook” you on my material so you become a client for life. Hopefully, you’ll take our relationship to the next level by enrolling in my advanced courses, attending my virtual seminars or working with me privately.

Other than the cost of shipping and handling for the physical book, do I have to pay extra for the bonuses shown on this page?

No. There are no hidden costs. You won’t be enrolled in a hidden continuity program against your will or anything like that. All the bonuses listed on this page are indeed free. Once you’ve signed up and told me where to ship your free book, I will suggest a series of incredibly powerful upgrades which can exponentially speed up your results. Those are optional and even though you might find yourself wanting to grab those fast, there won’t be any pressure from me to get you to do it.

When will I get the book?

If you’re in the U.S. or Canada, you should receive it within up to 10 business days.

If you’re outside of the U.S. it could take up to two weeks.

You deserve to know these secrets yesterday, so we’re giving you the audio version too. You can listen to it immediately upon submitting your order, so you don’t have to wait for the physical book to arrive in the mail.

How will I access the bonuses?

When you finalize your order, you’ll be redirected to a page welcoming you and giving you access to the bonuses inside an exclusive and protected members area. To make sure you never miss it, you’ll also get your receipt and your unique sign up link in your email inbox.

I’ve already read books like The 4-Hour Workweek, Rich Dad Poor Dad, The Millionaire Fastlane, etc. How is this book different?

These are great books. In fact, these books changed my thinking about money and success and that changed my life. I've even interviewed Robert Kiyosaki on my podcast and helped him spread his message.

But did you notice how people tend to read books, learn a lot, but are never able to make the leap from reading about starting a business to actually living it?

I wrote the List Building Lifestyle: Confessions Of An Email Millionaire because I felt the bookstores are full of great books that teach, inspire and motivate... but almost none give you a system to follow.

Even fewer tell you about list building, which is one of the most common denominators for successful marketers, but seems to still be a subject of much confusion. It’s my goal to have this book help you see and understand how to build a wildly profitable email list from scratch.

I'd love to build a list and become an email marketer, but how can I if I don't have a lot of free time?

When I got started, I was a full time Burger King buy boy. Then, I took on another full time security job just to keep up with the bills. I was also engaged and trying to build a family. Trying to build an online business in the little spare time I’ve had left was really-really hard and it almost cost me my marriage. I know what it’s like to make sacrifices to achieve a result.

I am not going to promise you the world since I don't know you and what life circumstances you're dealing with right now. But here's what I do know - there's the right way to do it and the wrong way to do it. I wrote this book to help you see and understand the fastest way to do it. If building a list is important to you, and I don't know what reasons you will find as you read this why this is important to you, this book helps you take the straight line between where you are and a big responsive email list

In fact, I wrote this book for people who just need the nuts and bolts of what works today. I haven’t given you all of my secrets. I’m giving you exactly enough to get started, see results and gain confidence. This way, you can decide to gradually scale down on other commitments in your life, as you grow your online business.

Will this work for baby-boomers?

If you feel like you’re falling behind in this new economy, you’re not alone. Everything’s moving fast. Even people in their 20’s have difficulty keeping up with the changes.

However, my book shows principles and methods that work no matter your age and no matter how much the market changes.

For example, I taught this approach to a chemistry teacher from the UK, Bruce, who was 76 years old at the time. He didn't become a millionaire, but he created a great additional income on top of tutoring.

I’m not saying the above to impress you but to impress upon you that age is not a limitation. If you want to succeed, my book will give you the tools. You only need to take action.

Can this work for women?

This is something you won’t see online gurus talk about, because it’s a highly sensitive topic, so bear with me:

Back in 2012 when I was offering private coaching for $8,000. It was by application only. I'd sometimes get asked: "Igor, does this work for women?". At first, I thought, "What kind of a stupid question is this? Of course, it works for women. It works as well as it does for men".

At the time, I was only 24 and I wasn’t aware of how the world works and what people may go through in their lives. But then I had my daughter, Erica, and I noticed she breaks the world down into “boys and girls.” Erica felt that girls couldn’t do the same things as boys do. And unfortunately, neither her school nor our society did anything to help her see and understand that your genitals aren’t a criteria for success in anything!

As the years passed, I realized that many girls are not offered the same opportunities as men. And by not being offered those opportunities, they grow up thinking that they can't build a successful online business just because they weren’t blessed with a penis.

Here’s the tragic part - this is actually true in the corporate world, where women get pushed down and blocked by their male peers and superiors.

The good news is that this doesn't apply to my system. My system is based on gender- equal principles. And as long as you follow those principles, you can experience success. It doesn’t have anything to do with a sex or race or age bias. It doesn't discriminate against your background or your social status or your location.

Women need this book far more than men, because they’re offered fewer equal opportunities. No woman can be independent without a source of income of her own. In fact, some men can find it scary to face such women, who are able and willing to support themselves.

As you flip through the pages of my book, please know I wrote it just as much for women who are struggling as I did for my daughter, so she doesn’t have to struggle when she grows up.

If list building works so well, why isn't everybody doing it?

Here’s the truth: unsuccessful online marketers steer away from list building because they don’t understand how to do it. Same reason most people steer away from real estate investing, stock trading or any other form of “things the rich people do.” All while the successful online marketers recognize how critical list building has become and are aggressively building their email lists every day.

And, in most cases, up to 80% of their income comes from their list - not their social media following, blog, or “flavor of the month” system you’ll see them promoting.

If you don't believe me, check your inbox and see how many times a day you're being emailed by people and companies trying to sell you stuff. As you do, you may find yourself regretting not getting started to build your email list sooner. But don’t waste time beating yourself up for too long, because this free book outlines the fastest way to build a profitable email list from scratch.

I'm just getting started and have never made a dime online. How will this book help me?

This is great because you have a unique opportunity to get started on the right foot. As you’ll see and understand, list building is the activity you should focus on from day one. By getting this book, you’re setting yourself up for fast success.

Also, most people who struggle to build an online business, develop many bad habits that inhibit their success. Since you’re just getting started you won’t have to unlearn those bad habits. So while they take the long twisty road up the mountain, you’ll be taking a secret shortcut I’ve carved out for you.

Does this work outside of the USA and for non English speakers?

Yes. I had a client in Germany who was selling dating advice and built a list. I also have a client from Switzerland who's got a cosmetics business where he's building a list. I’ve had several clients from Mexico who built gigantic Spanish speaking lists. I’ve got a friend in Israel who sells poultry and he built a small list of just 500 or so people that’s helping him to sell out his inventory on a weekly basis. And I even helped a Russian ecommerce marketer grow a responsive email list selling vaping accessories.

I would love to build a list later, but not now. Right now, I need something that can get me started fast, so I could earn while I learn, so to speak.

If you don’t start building a list, you’ll make the same mistake I did when I got started. I wasted 3,5 years online before I got my first real check. I did everything other than list building. Looking back, this was my number one mistake. If I could go back in time, I’d avoid wasting time and money on anything other than driving targeted leads on my email list and following up with these leads. List building was and still is the best way to earn while you learn. I can’t be the one to help you see and understand why list building is the one thing you should be doing right now, but I hope you won’t repeat my mistake that would set your success back by several years.

I don’t know what to market, do I still build a list?

Inside the book you’ll discover how I got started without having a product of my own. Plus, you’ll see a case study of how I taught a student from Toronto to create their own product and fire their boss in 90 days. This is not a guarantee of results since I don’t know anything about you. But, I want you to see and understand that it’s possible to get started without knowing what to market or even having a product. Better, you can even build a 6-figure email marketing business without putting your real name out there. Let alone create your own products.

I tried writing emails before, but I suck at writing. Should I still build an email list?

Yes, because your email results don’t depend on your writing skills. I’ve never been a great writer and English isn't my native language. First 5 years in email marketing I wrote embarrassing emails that would make my English teacher blush. But it didn’t matter, because people don’t buy from great spellers or writers. They buy from people who understand them. Inside this free book, I’m showing you what to say in your emails, how to position your offers, how to pitch in every email and how to generate good will with your email list every time you do it.