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Igor Kheifets


Son to a music teacher and a retired army major, Igor has been brought up believing hard work leads to riches. But by the age of 18, after reading books by Robert Kiyosaki and Dale Carnegie, Igor learned that hard working people are almost never rich.

The rich are the people who build systems.

Igor spent the next few years building a lead generation system that never fails. He has since become one of the highest earning internet marketers in the world, the leading authority on lead generation and a recognized speaker. He also wrote and published a best-selling book on generating leads using the internet.

During the upcoming webinar Igor's going to show you his 3-step system to generating 500 leads a day on autopilot even if you're brand new by using a little-known traffic source almost no one talks about.

Plus, just for attending, Igor's ethically bribing you with a traffic rolodex chockfull of lead sources you can use starting today!


There are only 200 seats available during the upcoming webinar. This is the last traffic webinar of 2020. Attend live to find out how to start generating 500 leads a day for any affiliate offer before the end of the week. This e-class will not be repeated.


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